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Case fans running high at idle

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June 3, 2012 10:51:08 AM

I have the Cooler Master 431 plus case, with two fans. One, the stock fan, at the front (120mm)
and a CM Blade Master 120 in the rear. They both seem to always be running near max (2000rpm)
Why? I am doing nothing intense or demanding, plus the room temp is 24C. As they are running
fast, I believe it adds to the noise level.

Do I need to change something in the bios?

These values are while I am using internet and just watched VLC vid.

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June 3, 2012 10:52:17 AM

How do you have the fans hooked up for power?
June 3, 2012 11:05:10 AM

envy14tpe said:
I have the Cooler Master 431 plus case, with two fans. One, the stock fan, at the front (120mm)
and a CM Blade Master 120 in the rear. They both seem to always be running near max (2000rpm)
Why? I am doing nothing intense or demanding, plus the room temp is 24C. As they are running
fast, I believe it adds to the noise level.

Do I need to change something in the bios?

Yes, you can control the fan speed in the BIOS but only if the case fans are connector to the motherboard fan headers. If your case fans are connected to the 4PIN Molex directly to the power supply, then you can not control it in the BIOS. You need to modify the molex (instructions are available on the net for this) or buy a fan controller.
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June 3, 2012 12:25:19 PM

If your fans only have molex plugs then you need adaptors to either plug them into the Mobo or a fan controller,
temps seem about right for room temp/cores on air but more fans will let you run existing ones slower, and quieter
I've commented on your other thread for cables and will help you in here if you need to mod the case for extra fans if you want to
June 3, 2012 3:16:44 PM

I went into the bios and set the chassis fan #1 and #2 to "auto"; however that means I have to set a "level". I chose level 6 as I'm doubtful it gets hot much. (one is 1300 and other is 1600rpm) Before they were set at Full Level. So they always ran fast(2000rpm). Now I gotta figure out how they can adjust themselves for needs. I'd rather them run at 600rpm when not doing anything and ramp up when some cooling is needed.
June 3, 2012 3:22:41 PM

Did your Asrock Pro3 come with any utility software?
There are usually fan control programs in that type of software suites.
June 3, 2012 3:25:34 PM

AXTU - The All-in-1 Tuning Software
ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility (AXTU) is an all-in-one software to fine-tune different features in an user-friendly interface, which includes Hardware Monitor, ... Fan Control ..., Overclocking,
June 4, 2012 6:45:15 AM

Just checked out AXTU. Looks like the choices that I would have in the bios. However, I still can not find a way to allow the system to AUTO run to keep temps under a value. Like I stated before, I'd like fans to run low if not in demand, and speed up when necessary.

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June 4, 2012 6:47:29 AM

Also, I noticed that only a "CPU Fan 1" and "Chassis Fan 1" are registering. My case has a front and back fan. Also, my CPU has the Cooler Master Evo. So, I assume I should see three fans on the list.

Best solution

June 4, 2012 8:15:36 AM

Are the front and rear fans both plugged into the mobo?
Axtu should throttle the fans down once it reaches the target temp you set, and increase speed when you exceed it
June 5, 2012 5:33:41 AM

I had the rig built by the shop where I bought the parts. They have way more experience than me. I've never built one. So, I looked inside and they plugged the front fan into some connector with something else that goes to the power supply. Meaning, it wasn't plugged into mobo. I unplugged the front fan and connected it to Chassis Fan 2. Now the front fan appears on my list of fans in Hardware Monitor. Thanks for your help.
June 5, 2012 5:34:45 AM

Best answer selected by Envy14tpe.
June 5, 2012 8:39:58 AM

Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
June 6, 2012 1:18:55 PM

After rewiring the fan to the I get whacked "Max" readings in Hardware Monitor. I know they aren't accurate, but why the sudden change?

Also, I have to bump my fans up to at least "Level 6" before playing BF3, otherwise things get up to 70C, and I don't want temps that high.

One solution might be to take my case to a store, buy a second hard drive (which I need anyways) and talk to them and see if they can sort things out. But in the meantime, any thoughts?
June 6, 2012 6:42:51 PM

D/l Speedfan and see if you can control the fans automatically as you would like through that,
I'd try that before taking it to anyone who is going to charge you just for looking tbh
June 7, 2012 3:23:03 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded Speedfan, and I'm gonna try it out for a while to see how well it works. There's one thing that makes me scratch my head.

I can control fan speeds in 1) Bios 2) ASRock Extreme Utility 3) Speedfan. So which one supersedes? Do I have to exit program 2, and always run 3 on start up?
June 17, 2012 2:55:55 AM

After a week of using SpeedFan I have removed the program. It caused issues with my monitor. (very weird) Because of SpeedFan I could not access my monitor's menu and the screen took 30 seconds to wake when not being used. I searched the web and others had the same issue, and now that the program is is that issue.

I rely on ASRock Extreme Utility and manually adjust fans for game play.

A note about cable managment. The front fan was plugged into power supply thru some sort of shared cable with something else. I rerouted it to mobo, but constantly got weird readings with "Hardware Monitor" so I rerouted front fan to original power supply. (It runs quiet so no problems with me) I may go back to mobo after I bring my desktop to shop to install another HDD and discuss cables with professional builders.
June 17, 2012 10:42:07 AM

You can always add a storage hdd yourself, I'm not familiar with the 431's fan cable splitting though, let us know how it goes :) 
June 17, 2012 2:57:14 PM

I installed a second hdd today. Piece of cake. Also a front Card Reader. Easy too.

Gonna hold off on reconnecting front fan to mobo. I want to make sure the system is fine, then I can make changes.
June 17, 2012 4:17:39 PM

Sensible approach, well done on the Hdd install as well man, what would that have cost you at a shop?
money is better in your pocket :) 
June 18, 2012 5:30:29 AM

Not sure about cost. I bought all the original equipment from one shop and they put the system together for me. (no additional cost) All prices were near the best I could find here, in Taiwan. I bought the hdd and other things from a shop yesterday, and I'm sure they would have put it in for free.

None the less, after having installed the new components and understanding the mobo better I feel like I could do it all myself, but would choose a larger case. All the power wires are a bitch to work around. Luckily the cases are designed intuitively when it comes to snapping things out and connecting things to mobo, also no additional screws needed.