Is this my CPU overheating?

Hey Hardwarer's!

My PC keeps turning itself off now, after various periods of time. When i checked the BIOS temp for the CPU it was 89 degree celcius, i guess that is considered pretty high?

I discovered the cooling paste to be scraped of on the CPU-chip, to be able to see what kind of CPU it was, (intel i7 860).

Could this be the reason why it is turning itself off? Theres cooling paste on the fan part, but only on about half of the cpu chip.

Regards/ Adrian
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  1. There was no need to scrape off your thermal paste to know your CPU ID.
    Just right click on My Computer> Properties.

    Yes, the CPU is Overheating. You might wanna clean your heatsink, wipe off the old thermal compound, apply a good new one.
    If the temps are still above 80c. then consider buying a new aftermarket heatsink/cooler.
  2. Doing as bartholomew said should be easy since you basically have done half the part. :)
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