Weird Colored Dots around screen

Hello. Just built a new PC. Specs are:
ASUS M5A97PRO motherboard
Amd phenom x6 1075t
Asus Radeon HD6870 DirectCU
Kingston 2 gb of ram at 1333 MHz dual channel (4GB total)
Cooler Master 550GX 550W
Now, the problem:
Sometimes when I start the computer some random colored dots appear on my screen. Whenever I do something while they are on screen(open My Computer, or do a Refresh etc.) The dots change their location, and their count changes. They can be more or less. Overheating is out of the question, as I am writing here the temperature of the VGA is 31c. Under strain it has reached 65c TOPS. The CPU is also fine.
Any thoughts?
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  1. Perhaps the GPU is suffering from artifacts. Whilst unlikely at this age, it is always a possibility. Try it with another GPU, and if that doesn't help try it with another screen to see if it might be the screen.

    Also check the cable, especially if it's a VGA cable it can suffer from interference. I had that once.
  2. Yeah, you got a point with the VGA cable. My old computer had a nVidia 9800gt and had some weird flickering, but the entire time.(i used the same cable that i'm using now)
  3. Maybe It's about time to say goodbye to your GPU.
    mine 8800GT also had the same problem.

    It's VRAM thing. there's nothing you can do about it unless you change the card. :(
    (To GTX580 !!)

    Oh.. and don't forget that this could be the driver problems.
  4. Lol. The card i have is only a few days old. Very unlikely to be damaged. Anyways, i'm keeping it. The games seem to run perfectly fine. Temperatures are ok, clocks are ok. Everything.
  5. Anyways, this happens only in windows. Whenever i start a game, the dots will be gone. Even if i remain in windows, the dots will dissapear after a while.
  6. Sorry for overposting, but modify doesn't work. These are no artifacts, just some small coloured dots. And the card drivers are up to date.
  7. I suggest that you should try calibrate display or change Color Profile in Color Management.
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