Screen has 2 black bars no matter what resolution?

After plugging back in my vga cable to my 21 inch monitor, I saw that there were 2 black bars on both sides of the screen. So i checked the screen resolution and it was at its native resolution(1600x900). And no matter what resolution I put it at, the aspect ratio stayed the same. Now I thought it was my VGA cable so I tried plugging my laptop with the cable and into my 21 inch monitor. It turned full screen at its native resolution andwhen it showed up there weren't any black bars? So is it my video card thats making the problem or is it the vga cable?

And yes I have tried reinstalling video drivers but no use :(

Not my monitor either
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  1. What graphics card are you using?

    Try uninstalling your current drivers, download and install driver sweeper( from, boot into safe mode and use driver sweeper to wipe your HDD from all video driver leftovers, then boot back to normal windows and install the latest avalable drivers for your card.
  2. Well now I think its my monitor or vga cable but I have tried using my computer on my 50 inch HDTV and no black bars... hmmm
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