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Radeon 6950 oc

i did oc my radeon 6950 2gb with shraders unlocked to 6970....right now im at 900/1350 with 1175v.....i did

Video card stability test ------10 min ----52c
Kombustor ------10 min------62c
heaven 5 loops (times)---52c avg fps 37.3 score 940

it is enough as testing? ...i dont wanna use furmark....2 question ...u guys went higher clock's on this voltage?

thx for time and imput
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  1. Yeah id say its enghu testing. and i hawe went 910 1350 whit 1185mv whitout problems :p
  2. just tested at 925/1400 at 1175v
    videocard testing---15 min -52c
    heaven 5 loops ---52c avg fps 37.7 score 948
    kombustor -- failed after 17 min....drivers stopped and recovered...

    u think im to high on the 925?
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    If it has failed , drop it a little and test it again
  4. my 2gb failed at 880/1300 on 2nd loop of far cry 2. do i need to raise the volts? there stock at the moment.
  5. should i drop the 925 or the 1400?

    i did raise mine to 1175v
  7. ok guys im at 920/1400 with 1175 volt after 30 min in kombustor i got 62c i think ill stay here if somebody with knowledge would second this setup.
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