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Will a GeForce GTX 560 Ti work with an Dell Inspiron 530?

I really just want to know if the graphics card will fit AND will if it work on a Dell Inspiron 530.

Here's a website for my computer specs:

And the website for my new graphics card:
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  1. Depends on the PSU power rating , open it up and look at the sticker on the psu.

    A 560ti requires a 500watt PSU
  2. as long as you case are not the slim type the card will fit into your case. what is your spec? also i'm pretty much sure you will need new PSU based on the spec sheet from your link since the unit will come with 300w or 350w psu. GTX560Ti needs 500w PSU (non- generic type)
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    The wattage is 300W, that will not run a GTX560Ti. You need something of good quality that puts out about 500W or so.

    Something like this should do you well:

    If you have no idea how to install a power supply, then you can go to the forum section on this website and ask around or look online for a guide; its relatively easy.
  4. Thanks alot you guys! You've helped me soooooooooo much :D
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