Cmos Failure?

Today, I just put together my parts. Everything seems to be working fine. There is one thing that has me concerned. Every time I turn on the pc, the bios screen says cmos failure. I read the instruction that came with the board and it said to clear the cmos if you have these problems (not listing).

I did as it said but that keeps showing up. Should I be concerned and how can I fix it? Thanks.
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  1. Try getting a new watch battery. It costs like $2.50.
  2. Sounds like a dead or missing CMOS battery. If it's there, check for a sliver of insulating plastic underneath it (to keep the battery from discharging before it is put into service).
  3. I have never heard of a layer of plasting being inserted under an installed computer battery, but I guess it could happen.

    I think the battery part number is something like CR2032 or something like that. I still think you should get one and try it.
  4. I've never seen one on a motherboard either, but they are common on lots of other electronic devices that are shipped with a battery installed and I've only dealt with a limited number of brands in new installs (there are a lot I simply won't buy no matter how good the price looks).

    CR2032 is the most common size used these days but CR2025 is seen sometimes, too.
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