Intel Heatsink fan won't fit no matter what!!

Hey guys,

so I've bought this new Zalman HSF and looks like it's made for a different socket CPU so I decided to put back my previous HSF which is the intel heatsink fan (got an intel mobo with core 2 duo as the CPU) and it won't fit no matter what, the fasteners are being really annoying! I tried doing everything for over 2 hours including clicking really hard I'm afraid to do it any harder because I know the mobo will break, I tried to do the lock positions in every style possible, flipped it in every angle and direction possible, I merely did everrrrrrything and it just won't fit, I thought of super-gluing it stuck as this computer is my second/alternative computer and I'm not planning to upgrade it because it's like a file server for my things.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Did you reset the push-pins (turn them left, pull them out, turn them right so they can lock again) prior to attempting to re-install? If you didn't, the mount pins will be spread, won't fit through mounting holes and might damage the pins or motherboard with excessive force. You have to push the mount pins (transparent part) through the motherboard prior to pushing the push-pins (black center pin) to lock things in place.
  2. Already did that and no use.
  3. Sorry for the many topics but whenever I do something tomshardware website tells me that the site is temporarily unavailable even though it does the thing you want for you :/, weird.
  4. Plus when I was about to pull it the first time out, it felt like only 2 pins were actually holding the HSF and this is what made me doubt the push pins.
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