512 mb HD 4850 vs 1 gb gtx 550 ti

So I am trying to decide if it is worth it to upgrade my MSI HD 4850 512 MB VC, I have starting having problems with it I believe overheating. I picked up a PNY GTX 550 TI, 1 GB card new for $130 today but havent opened it yet. It was kind of an impulse buy. I game a little and play all the MW games and like to watch HD movies.

I know I can also swap the 550 out for a HD 6770. Was wondering what everyones thoughts were.

My Specs:

Phenom II 940
8 GB Ram
W 7 64-bit
19 inch Hannspree
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  1. since you already bought it then you better keep it. GTX550 should be a bit faster than 6770. performance wise it should be like this:

    4850 < 6770 < GTX550
  2. Is there any inherit danger to running the old 4850 until it completely goes out? I can not think of any but wanted to check here
  3. not sure about that but if the card only overheat and doesn't have any other problem just clean the heatsink and replace the thermal paste
  4. I cleaned the 4850 last night and had a chance this morning to play MW3 and had the video completely messes up. I think I should just swap the cards out and just go with the 550
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