NVIDIA patch borked my Homebuilt rig...How to fix?

Built my first homebuilt medium-ish cost gaming rig with help from these forums. Got it up and running, wanted to tweak graphics performance.

Just installed the NVIDIA 285.62 driver to improve a slight fuzziness..and it has severely borked my graphics, creating a bleed-through of pixels to the immediate right of every object that blurs everything severely...in desktop, as well as 3 apps I've just tried.

Is there another, earlier driver folks would reccommend? Or any other solutions?

NVIDIA site refers only to 285.62 driver for the GTX465.

CPU: PhenomII x4 840
MOBO: ASRock 970 Extreme4
GPU: GTX 465
RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill DDR3
PSU: Corsair TX750 (80+ Bronze)
Monitor: ASUS 19" VW198
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

Any help most appreciated!
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  1. Roll back isn't that to hard or difficult to understand? If there is a problem with being able to do that then just load up driver clean and start fresh with a pack of your own choice.
  2. Thanks nforce4max,

    do you know specifically which NVIDIA driver version(s) is stable for their 400-series?

  3. Weird...after about 24 hours, the problem auto-corrected. Nothing I did. It just decided to take.
    Definitely a ghost in the machine...
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