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hi, my pc is 4 years old, and im looking to upgrade my graphic card to play a few off the less demanding new games(skyrim). i have a pci express nvidia geforce 8800gts 320 mb card. i believe that the bast my motherboard can handle is pcie 1.0. so whats the best i could opt for? other specs are 4gb ram intel quad 2.4 running vista
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  1. What is your budget?

    What is the make/model of your PSU?

    I would suggest going for a 6850.But we need to know what PSU you have and your budget to really give you the best answer.
  2. even 6770 is suitable for your system but it has pci 2.1 that is backward compatible but you should be fine.
  3. thanks for the quick replies. ive just joined this forum today, and please bare inmind that i'm in not way an expert on pc's. is there a way to determine the PSU without unplugging all the cables and looking in the back and pulling the tower out?(my other half wouldnt appreciate that tonight)the mother board is a PSN-ESLI ALPI, make pheonix version 1.0 bios 0705
    i had been tod in the past that pcie 2.0 cards wernt back compatable.is this not so?the card plays games that are a couple of years old quite well(..fallout3 ). i dont need an ultra card, just something i can upgrade to that would handle a new game like skyrim. if i can help it i dont want to spend more than £100..though less would be great. i've always used nvidia cards,but have no worries about switching to a radeon based card and have upgraded older systems on my own before..but pc tek moves on so fast that i'm totally out of touch with whats happening now
  4. so 6770 is great choice for you.
  5. thanks xtreme5.does the 6770 card need any kind of adaptor to fit my older 1.0 board?
  6. Almost every version of the PCI-E bus is backwards compatible.But although they are backwards compatible their have been instances where people have said they have problems using a 2.1 GPU with a 1.0 PCI-E slot.Just stay with a 2.0 card and you shouldn't have any problems.

    If you open the side panel of the case their should be a sticker on the back of the PSU of a chart.Post back what the wattage of the PSU is and how man amps it has on the +12/v rail(s).

    The 6770 is faster than the 8800GTS but only by a small amount.The 6850 is much faster making it a much more worthwhile upgrade.It's just a little outside your price range but it's well worth it.

  7. neil225 said:
    thanks xtreme5.does the 6770 card need any kind of adaptor to fit my older 1.0 board?

    nah, nah, directly fit it.
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