Does Asus IPIBL-LB motherboards support virtualization?

I have an HP Pavilion a6642p desktop running a Intel E5200 CPU. I want to upgrade to a CPU that has VTx ( e.g. Intel E6500 Core 2 Duo ). But will the motherboard support virtualization (VTx)? The E6500 process will.
Also, in a BIOS update required and if so where would I find such an update?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. It does support the E6500
    If there is a BIOS update you will find it at HP.
  2. If your asking because you want to run a virtual copy of xp within win7, it doesn't matter whether it has virtualization or not. Use Virtual Box. It's free and it works with win7.
  3. I tried Oracle Virtual Box and tried to create a CentOS Linux VM (guest OS) running under Windows Vista (host OS). I get the 'no VTx supported' error...
    My concern comes from the fact that the current BIOS does not even have a 'switch' (option) to turn virtualization 'on'. I have been told that once I get a VTx-aware CPU then this 'switch' (option) will appear in the BIOS setup screen. Is this true? Or will a BIOS upgrade be necessary?
    Thanks again in advance.
  4. No bios that I have encountered have just had functions appear because you changed parts. They are either there or they aren't. And doing a bios update doesn't fix this unless it says it does in the info on that particular update.

    Anyway the last computer I used VB on didn't have a virt. option, and it worked just fine.
    That was on a laptop running Xp and I wanted to check out windows seven x86.
    It is possible that since 7 came with its own virt. program, that they may have forced oracle to go the same route with the need for virt. approved systems.

    I will look into that and see what I can find out. Unless some one beats me to it, I will let you know.
  5. Appreciate all the feedback btw.

    So even though the BIOS shows no virtualization option, Oracle virtual box should still work provided the processor support VTx, correct? In other words, what appears to be stopping my Oracle VB from working is a limitation of the CPU (i.e. no VTx support) as opposed to the CPU and the MOBO BIOS? (That would be good news since I can just upgrade the CPU and I am off and running). :sol:
  6. (1) Any difference between the 'standard' and the SLACR version of the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600?
    (2) Would either version need a heatsink / special heatsink?
    I am going to buy this processor for this situation I mentioned above. I have seen some online for $85.
    Please advise.
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