I'm very sad today. PC won't boot.

Hey guys, first time on the forums. I was waiting for the UPS guy all day so i can install my heatsink and PSU. After an hour or so of messing with it, I finally got them in and plugged everything together or to figure out it wouldn't turn on. I'm pretty sure the PSU isn't DOA because when i tried my previous PSU it wouldn't turn on either. If I'm correct it's only the 4 pin and 24 pin power connectors right? I made sure that the case's power cables are plugged in correctly. I decided to take off the heatsink and just try to power it with the CPU. Nothing. I tried unplugging everything except the power connectors and the case cables. Nothing. Nothing. I feel sad and hopeless. I didn't even have this new computer for two months yet. So, now my question is... Whether the motherboard is dead or the case cables are broken somehow. Any help?? :(
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  1. Thanks for the links. I'll check them out tomorrow. But as of right now. I feel like total ***.
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