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Hello Everyone,

I am back again. It seems like I am having major issue with my PC and I can not figure out the problem. I just built the PC about a week ago and I did OC it. Yes, my drivers and BIOS are up to date.

Here are my system specs: with Windows7 64bit.

EDIT: Put the wrong graphics card. The one I have is the Super Clocked version of that card.

First off, I OC'd my pc to 4.5 gHZ at 1.30v. I stress tested with prime95 for 6 hours and ran it through some intel burn tests. Everything went smoothly and no hickups. Temperatures did not exceed 77c during testing. I played all my PC games for hours at a time, such as BF3, and did not even hit the 64c mark. Everything ran perfectly.

Now this is the problem I am having. Everything has been working great for the past few days, until now. I was watching a live stream on Twitch and all of a sudden I got a BSOD and the PC restarted. I found this very weird because I have played and done a lot more things on my PC that are more taxing and nothing has happened.

Now every time I load the PC it gets suck at the windows 7 loading screen. You know, where their logo pop ups and comes together. It gets stuck there for about 4mins and then goes onto the login screen. Once at the login screen, I can't do anything for about another two minutes. Then I am able to log in and everything runs like a snail.

First off, I do not know if the problem I am having is due to my OCing. I believe it isn't but I figured I might mention it. To be on the safe side I restored everything back to default settings. This didn't solve anything.

I tried to restore my computer back to a previous date and it didn't help anything.

You guys have any ideas what the problem might be?

I get this feeling that it might be my ram or my graphics card. I don't know if it is my graphics card or my RAM but when I received my graphics card, the box look like it was kicked around a soccer field for a while and I think it is my RAM because I don't know what else it might be.

Or maybe my Windows7 is corrupted? I don't know... This problem I am having is so weird..

EDIT/UPDATE: Alright, everything is running normal again. I am assuming that because I restored my computer to a previous restore point that some of my windows updates got uninstalled. Now I updated the windows and everything is working fine again. I now put my OC back to what I had it but increased it by .01v.

EDIT/UPDATE: I am having this problem again, except No BSOD this time, and no one has given me a proper answer or a fix. I recently reformatted my hard drive and everything worked fine again. This time the computer froze opening a program and I had to hit the reset button on my PC.

I put everything is back on factory default settings.

PC takes forever to load up. Gets stuck on Starting Windows screen. Stuck on welcome screen. The programs I have on startup are taking forever to load. PC running slow in general.

Anyone have any help?

Safe mode doesn't load up. It use to. Now it doesn't at all. Just freezes at classpnp.sys. After like 4mins 4 little blue lines pop up at the top left. Freezes.

It sometimes will run in safemode. It is really random. I am honestly starting believe the PC randomly decides when to work properly and when not to.

Isn't it odd that it worked perfectly fine after the reformat. Then the freeze happened again randomly and I hit reset and the PC takes forever to load up?
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  1. I suggest you do what I do. I have a backup drive ready to clone in case my ssd fails. The drive remains disconnected, but if my ssd fails, all I have to do is connect it and it will boot up with my most important files. If windows gets corrupted, I use the hardrive software to clone it to my ssd or replacement drive. Then the only item I will have to do is load windows update and microsoft security essentials updates. This also comes in handy if windows has hiccups (similar to your situation). Don't believe all those comments about overclocking being fullproof; it's not.
  2. I am still having this problem and no one has given me a proper answer. I recently reformatted my hard drive and everything worked fine again. Now the computer froze opening another program and I had to hit the reset button on my PC.

    PC takes forever to load up. Gets stuck on Starting Windows screen. Stuck on welcome screen. The programs I have on startup are taking forever to load. PC running slow in general.

    Anyone have any help?

    It also gets passed the Starting Windows Screen when I put the Windows7 cd in and boot from cd in order to access the cd. I don't know if that Starting Windows Screen is the same as when you don't have the CD in but it does pass it and accesses the CD fine.
  3. Go into the bios and be sure "fast boot" is enabled. Also be sure the boot up lan device is disabled.
  4. I can't seem to find those options under the Asus EFI Advanced BIOS Utility. Do you know where I can find these options?

    Also, before you replied I ran a memory diagnostic tool that came on the Windows7 CD.

    It didn't seem to find any problems but after it was done my PC booted up just fine.

    I don't understand what is going on. Since I am passed the boot up problem for the time being(will probably be coming back because it happens after a comp freeze/reset), what could possibly be causing my computer to randomly freeze when opening a program or exiting a program? PC doesn't freeze running any type of game for hours at a time. Just freezes at stupid moments, which causes me to hit the reset button on PC, which causes the slow boot up times. Then I fiddle with stuff that shouldn't fix anything and my PC boots fine..

    CPU temps are normal and it tends to be running at around 8% when things hit the fan.

    EDIT: Nevermind! I just decided to restart the PC for the hell of it and it taking forever again!
  5. Ok, now something is really weird.

    I decided to reformat my hd again and do another fresh install of Windows7. This, again, fixed the problem of the boot up. It booted up perfectly. I then proceeded to install my motherboard drivers, from the cd rom, and everything went smooth. I restarted PC and everything loaded up fine. I then updated my graphic card driver, restarted the pc, and everything is still running smooth. I then decide to download my windows7 updates and install them.

    This is where things started messing up again. I was again stuck at the Starting Windows screen. I let it sit and the restart of my PC took around 6 minutes to complete, after the installation of the updates. I then proceeded and logged into my PC. This took forever. It went pass the welcome screen quickly but I couldn't click, press, or do anything with my PC, except for move my mouse. This took another like 10minutes until my PC completely froze and I couldn't do anything.

    I hit the reset button again.

    I got so fed up at this point I just got up and left to the other room, once I saw it taking forever to pass the Starting Windows screen again. I decided to watch a movie (The Adjustment Bureau) and I came back to my PC when it was done.

    It was at the login screen. I tried logging in. This where the weird stuff had happened. The computer kept saying I was putting the incorrect password in. No, caps lock was not on. I checked. Ten times I checked.

    I then decided to click on the bottom right of the login screen and try and restart my pc. It wouldn't let me. The image that is suppose to represent my account above the enter your password just decided to disappear. It wouldn't let me restart. I clicked it again. The empty image flickered and nothing happened. I then try to hit shut down. Same thing. Nothing happened.

    So, I decided to just power off my PC manually. Turned it back on. Asked if I wanted to proceed in safe mode. I decided to run normally. Computer loaded up fine. Now I am writing this message.

    What IS GOING ON?

    You think it is a hard drive issue? I have never had so many issues with a PC that I have built before.

    I only have drivers installed and default windows programs. I haven't installed anything else. Can't be software, unless my Windows7 OEM CD is faulty. Maybe the hard drive isn't able to read the material on it correctly?
  6. It's probably a windows update issue. I had alot of problems with explorer 9, so I switch to google chrome for my search engine. I suggest you format and reinstall windows, disable "windows updates" install microsoft security essentials, and try using chrome. See if that fixes your slow problems.
  7. If it was a windows update problem, why is it only effecting me?
  8. Could be just one setting in the motherboard bios that needs adjusting, but it's hard to predict which one from here. If this bothers you enough, you may want to sell the board on craigslist or anandtech and try a different brand. I use biostar for my amd setups; fastest boot up board I ever used was a foxconn am3; they generally get poor reviews from this website, but mine wasn't bad. Only reason I sold it is it didn't have sata III support, but even without it, it was still faster loading windows than my current board.
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