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Greetings. Long time reader, first time (I think) poster. I just picked up a Sabrent USB3.0 PCIe add in card. I'm running an older machine, an ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe motherboard, AMD 5400+, 4 GB RAM @ 6400, and an nVidia GeForce 8500. The USB 3.0 card requires power to be added to it, and the plug appears to be a floppy connector. Not a problem, as the OCZ 700 has two of them. (yes, I even put a floppy on this machine) Anyway, when I go to install it, the primary monitor, a 19 inch LCD, flickers like crazy. I mean a LOT. Like flicker for three seconds, then ok for one, the flicker for three more, etc.. The secondary monitor, a 17 inch CRT, does not even come on. Right now I'm in safe mode (Windows 7 64-bit pro) using only the CRT and everything is fine. I've moved the card from one PCIe slot to another (It has two each PCIE X16 and X1), no improvement. I have not moved the video card yet. The card works with a USB 2 external drive in safe mode, but the flicker was so bad I never even tried anything in regular mode. The driver is ASMedia version, dated 1/27/012 (three weeks ago). The controller's properties as listed in the device manager is ASMedia XHCI Controller.

I hope that's detailed enough for somebody to look at it and go "That's yer problem right there.." I'm thinking it could be a power issue, but in the years i've been playing with/working on computers, I've been, for the most part, pleased with the general nature of power connectors, in that if the connector fits, it's USUALLY the correct polarization and stuff. Of course it may not be, and even looking on Sabrent's site I can't find the pinouts for the card.

Thanks a lot. :)
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  1. Well I'll be darned.. I moved the video card to the other PCIe slot and it works just fine. I'm going to mark this case closed.
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