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So my Radeon 4850 is showing gfx corruption when i boot into windows and after a few lockups, system crashes. However, it works fine in safemode. This seems like a driver issue since no drivers are loaded in safe mode.

Some web searching tells me that its actually the card overheating.. and i need to change fan speed to max but i cant do that cause system crashes when drivers are loaded (normal mode) and in safe mode drivers are'nt loaded so catalyst control center (or any other fan speed changing software) wont work.

I have already applied the thermal paste thingy. Is there anyway to change fan speed in safe mode when no drivers are loaded ?

Is this really an overheating issue or something else scarier ?
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  1. see if you can uninstall the drivers from safemode, also make sure no dust is cluttering the fan,
  2. Its a driver issue been using card no prob had to update drivers too play a new game and now it will load into windows but once the driver loads my screen goes blank. people are reporting having to dump whole pc bcause the update is trashing the registry. it has to be installed fresh from what i have read so far. tried to do complete uninstall and fresh install but dont matter bcause the old stuff is trapped so they are clashing.
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