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I'm looking to purchase a new case within the next week and i was looking for some ideas from you guys. I currently am using the cooler master elite RC-310-BWN1-GP case and ever since I added another 560ti and 2 HDDs it seems cluttered and the airflow has suffered which leads to poor cooling. Plus it has terrible cable management which is bad since i have OCD when it comes to wiring. I am looking for a case that has sufficent cooling and i would also be able to do liquid cooling in the future. I have around $150 to spend so any suggestions around that price range would be great. The one case i seemed to like was the Antec P183 anyone have any experience with that one? My specs are

I5 2500K
560ti SC SLI
16gb ram
Rosewill Extreme Series 750W PSU
Gigabyte mobo
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  1. Basically all good cases have video reviews. Just check those out. ;)
  2. CM Storm Trooper.
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