I am attempting to use two monitors, one has only VGA port and the other has a VGA and DVI port. Neither monitor has HDMI. Computer has one VGA output and one HDMI. Do I need a "converter" or will a cable that adapts HDMI to VGA work?
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  1. Connect Vga to vga, and then use adapter to plug hdmi from computer to dvi on second monitor like this
  2. Since you can connect the monitor with the vga to vga that you have then you need a hdmi to dvi cable for the other , there are adaptors that are hdmi to dvi and you can plug in to a hdmi port and then plug in a dvi cable. Something like this would work.

  3. Thanks guys for the quick responses. What I am trying to decide is whether I can just use a cable that takes me from HDMI to VGA or DVI OR whether I need a actual 'CONVERTER". The cables are cheap -- the converters are a bit more costly.
  4. just get what ever cheaper, i would advise just cable if don't got other cable+adapter since they introduce extra connection witch is newer good,
    dvi and hdmi is pretty much same technology with different plug no need for converter its just plug
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