Need some help with CPU and MB

To make a long story short it seems my new msi 7870 is not compatible with my ASUS sabertooth x58 motherboard (7870 is 3.0 and MB is 2.0). So I want to replace my current MB,CPU and Ram with another that is compatible with that video card. i was told that not all CPUs/Motherboards are not 3.0 compatible.

my current system
ASUS sabertooth x58 MB
6GB crucal ballistics ddr2 triple channel ram
spinpoint F3 HD
antec 650 psu
NXZT phantom case
sound blaster titanium sound card
windows 7 64

I'm thinking motherboard,CPU and ram and everything else should be compatible.
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  1. What makes you think it won't work? Have you tried it yet? A 3.0 card should work in a 2.0 board with no issues at all.
  2. I have tried everything under the sun to fix my crashing problem with my msi 7870 including and not limited to the following. RMA,drivers 12.3, and 12.6beta,updated all software,BIOS, disabled/inabled stuff in BIOS like audio,default BIOS,OC BIOS,MEMTEST,PSU, fan speed for cooling, test psu,checked power connections,re set gpu on MB,downclocking/underclocking gpu . The only thing I can think of is my ASUS sabertooth x58 MB does not support this card.

    The crash I get is a black screen, then I have to hold the power button down until the PC shuts down. I then restart the PC get the screen that says windows didn't shut down properly with the option safe mode. start windows normally ( sorry don't recall the whole message in that window). Most of the time after the PC boots up the GPU fan is at full speed for a few seconds.
  3. Have you tried all slots? Could be a doa card.
  4. That is strange, indeed. It SHOULD work perfectly, just not at 3.0, obviously. It would almost HAVE to be a compatibility issue, but it absolutely shouldn't be. PSU going bad maybe? (Even though the one you have should be more than enough for a single 7870, it could still be failing).
  5. amuffin said:
    Have you tried all slots? Could be a doa card.

    That too.
  6. Have not tried any other slots. RMA the first GPU a week after getting it. The other gpus (470,5850 work fine in the same slot. Thought about the PSU,but was thinking that a OCed 470 would use more power.
  7. Try the other slots.
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