Lag issues with my computer

quite new gamer pc, custom built

for the last week, it has been lagging a bit (low visual FPS, good CPU/GPU FPS), mouse lag (stuttering movement)...

i'm afraid its the memory, altho the tests say it's fine. it only happens after a while (5-10 minutes)


drivers updated, msconfig clean, malware-free and all components fresh new
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  1. download and run Memtest
    what games have you played? resolution?
    system specs?
  2. Whats your PC specs?
  3. The 1st you must check is your power suply my be you only have less that your configurations needed...

    We can suspect the memory, if you often see a BSOD in your screen, if else your memory mybe still fine..

    We can suspect the temperature of your system if your system always reboot after several minutes..

    Hove this answer help you ^_^
  4. wow, thanks for the quick answers guys :)

    in parts:

    PSU: i doubt its a problem, it's a 600W OCZ pro and I dont use many devices, and dont have crossfire
    BSOD: just had 1 some days ago, about the wifi card, updated drivers, solved
    RAM: already did memtest: clean
    Temp: nothing surpasses 60ºC
    Reboots: never had any without my authorization
    Lockups/freezes: nope, other than that annoying stuttering

    Games used: Skyrim, Anno 2070, StarCraft 2 and SWTOR, all on max settings, all with same symptoms (jerkily mouse pointer movement and sometimes doesnt receive the clicks)

    Specs: phenom 2 x6, 8gb RAM, HD 6870. Tonight i could provide a dxdiag if needed

    FPS managers read over 70 FPS, so power isnt a problem
  5. no idea, anyone?
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