Radeon HD 7000 & new PCIe 3.0. Serious advantages?


I'm planning to buy in a couple of months a Radeon HD 7950 but unfortunately Sandy Bridge cannot take advantage of PCIe 3.0 until Ivy Bridge be realeased (because PCI controllers are in the CPU I read).

It's supposed PCIe 3.0 have double bandwidth and supports more watts. Maybe a Radeon HD 7990 can takes advantage if you overclock the card but what about a Radeon HD 7950 with a maximum TDP of 150W even overcloking it? Can I get that double bandwidth with not a extremely high end and power sucker video card like the HD 7950? But even if I can get that bandwidth, the only way is upgrading to Ivy Bridge which is a pain in the ass for all Sandy Bridge community.

Thank you.
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  1. I don´t believe the 7950 or even 7970 will bottleneck from using PCIE 2.0, the market for it would be nonexistent, maybe their new dual card, 7990 or whatever they call it, will, but again it's all speculation.
  2. I think the same. At least that's the logical answer.

    The thing is I'll renew the video card 2-3 years from now but I won't do the same with CPU. The development and advance of CPUs are very slow now because the companies are focused on the integration of graphics and integrated graphics are not designed for high quality gaming.

    Actually the generation of my CPU is old and I need to upgrade it but it's better to wait Ivy Bridge if I want to refresh my video card in a future.

    I was reading a little more about PCIe 3.0 because I was quite confused. I thought this new standard was related more because the energy consumption but it's more because the data bandwidth. Maybe the data bandwidth of PCIe 2.1 it's not fully occupied on these days and the only sense of a PCIe 3.0 is for a HD 7990 but 2-3 years from now with the next shrink it will be.
  3. A single card with nearly double the performance would indeed bottleneck the PCIE2.1 bus.

    The wiser decition on your situation would be waiting till Ivy Bridge release for a CPU upgrade.
  4. Well according to the leaked specs on the 7970, it will be 50% faster than the 6970. The 6970 uses maybe just over half the bandwidth of PCI-E 2.0 x16. In single GPU mode you won't hit a bottleneck in PCI-E 2.0. If you Crossfired 2 7970s in x8 x8 mode, you do have a good chance of hitting a bottleneck. In short, you don't need to worry unless you plan on getting the dual GPU card, or you want to Crossfire the top single GPU card in the 7000 series.
  5. From My understanding. PCI-E 2.0 has 5 GT/s and the per-lane throughput.where 3.0 has 8 GT/s bit rate. So, I think using a 3.0 PCI-e card on a 2.0 PCI-e would have a small performance decrease. Also depends if the new PCI-e cards use the total alot bandwidth. I know I am not going to run out and by a new MoBo for my new 7850 when it comes out!!!!
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