How to determine BUS Speed?

Hello All

I want to upgrade my RAM to 128 MB But I don't know how to find out the bus speed of my system, 100 MHz or 133 MHz. Can you help me with that? Where should I look to determine this? What RAM should I get?

Can I use 133 MHz RAM if my CPU BUS speed is 100 MHz?

Thanks for your time :)

My System is a PII 300 - 64MB RAM - Windows 95.
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  1. Try Sisoft Sandra and identify your motherboard.
    PC133 is theoretically backward compatible with PC100.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  2. what cpu mb do you have?
    and yes pc133 can run at 100mhz just fine


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  3. you should have a 100 fsb if you have a p2 like listed at the end of the post
    aleast i know it not a 133 fsb

    i would go to they have some pretty go price and the memory selctor might help you out
  4. Thanks a lot everybody. My motherboard is a Redfox, as far as I know the company doesn't exist anymore. Its really a primitive thing. Its a 440LX thats for sure.

    I'll buy a new machine a few months later. So I'm avoiding any major upgrades on this one. I think 128 MB RAM will liven it up quite nicely.

    I have a ATI All-In-Wonder 8 MB video card, (it has a TV tuner too) I know its not at all meant for serious gaming, but NFS runs well enough on it, the only game I play. Do you guys think gaming might improve if I upgrade my 64 MB RAM to 128 MB?
  5. go with the 133 mhz ram then becuase you can then put it
    in your next system and be fine
  6. Thanks.. I'll do that then.
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