Best way to wire home net for FiOS ?

I'm getting FiOS and want to pre-wire my house before the Verizon tech. arrives. Confused about what wire/cable is best -- with fiber optic coming to the house, shouldn't I just continue fiber optic to each TV box & computer? Does Verizon want to connect to RG6 coax??? Why?? Doesn't that defeat the fiber optic? Was going to do Cat6 to each room with data and RG6U for the TVs...but after researching bulk cable sellers it sure seems better and cheaper to just go fiber all the way and future proof the install. Anyone???
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  1. i am not 100% sure what verizon uses in the house but i do think it is RG6/Cat5or6.. why? because its much cheaper and easier to work with inside a home.

    fiber switchs, cable, terminate tools, and test tools cost alot more for fiber.

    cat 5 and cat 6 can both do up to 10Gbps it just depends on the cards in the end units and switching gear... so copper will take you for a very long time.. most service providers do not not offer more then 100Mbps for residential/small business customers
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