Xeon e5-1620 release date please?

I have been waiting some time to replace my Q6600 core 2 duo for a xeon e5-1620. I check several retailers every so often but I do not see the xeon e5-1620 on the market.
Does anyone know a firm release date please?
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  1. Or so it seems but the issue is that I cannot find it nor buy it on E-retailers. Without spilling the bean I feel safer on major E-retailers T.D and New....
    I just do not understand what is going on. Any advice where I could get it from a safe and reliable E-retailer please?
  2. Is there any reason why you are going to purchase this over an i7?
  3. Work in 3D modeling, level design, animation & cinematic (nothing ultra complex but still...) Reasoning is really simple!
    I am tired to get Autodesk products to crash on me. This xeon will help me boost everything around but more particularly the amount of ECC memory 32 gigs is a an agreable minimum
  4. I am looking on intel website and it does not look like they sell xeon e5-1620 but much older products.
    Still looking to find it somewhere.. reliable! :P
  5. Well I don't know much about server ram, but will you find a difference between an i7-2600k or 3820?

    How about these LGA 1155 Xeons?
  6. I would assume from your question that there are not much difference between a i7 and a 3820 in terms of clock, core .. etc.
    Yet, I am pretty sure I will lock a i7 with autodesk products under specific circumstances that I want to assume may or would not arize with error correction module rams, hence a xeon family. Lastly 24 gigs is pretty cool, no doubt about that when working on Mudbox but for fluidity/workflow a 32 is a definite better.
    I already have a very good graphic card ATI V7900, it is really powerful and better priced compare to the other major brand. Though I was a fidel follower to the other brand for years but the v7900 is simply unbeatable in feature while as best or slightly under its comparable alter ego from the other brand.
  7. I guess yes,
    I might have to lower my head down, and cry as I might buy a 1155 or in other words, buy a compact car (geo metro) other a nice sedan.
  8. If performance is really that important, just go for the i7 3930K. 6C-12T, so a lot more processing power than the E5 1620. A lot more expensive too (if the 1620 ever becomes available in a boxed form), but if the processing power is truly needed, that's the way to go.

    The need for ECC RAM isn't really an issue, as you're not talking about a server, and 64GB is the max amount on the 3930K, which should be plenty for anything you're doing.
  9. I just got a E5-1620 for about the $300 list price. It did not come in any sort of retail box or with a heatsink.
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