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Hi I was looking on craigslist for a decent computer to build on and I found one that has really good base components for relatively cheap. All I would need to upgrade is the memory and the gpu. The processor on it is the phenom II x4 970 black, what i was wondering was is this cpu still relevant? And will it stay relevant for a while? The mother board is a Asus m4a89gtd pro, so its a little bit dated too. If i got this computer I was planning on getting a GTX 570 1.2gb gpu, and hook it up with 16gb of 1333 ddr3 ram. (MOBO supports up to 16gb and it has Windows 7 Ultimate installed.) Also has a 750W psu. So what do you guys think? I kinda tight on money and i figured this would be good since i cant buy a NEW pc but i wanted an opinion from somebody who is a bit more experienced than myself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. I have a Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.8Ghz (basically same CPU). I'm quite happy with how it performs still, and I don't plan on upgrading for a year to two years. I think you should be fine as well.
  2. all depends on what they are asking for it.
  3. HugoStiglitz said:
    all depends on what they are asking for it.

    Oh yes, this too...

    Must be able to get it at a very reasonable price, otherwise building yourself a new i3 rig would be better imo :lol:
  4. Asking price is $380. Thanks for the info though, really helps with my decision.
  5. What brand is the PSU?
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    Running a 965 here and it is sitting beside it's replacement a I5-2500. To tell you the truth the Phenom still runs everything I toss at it just a little slower than the I5. I don't see your 970 being obsolete for 2+ years, or unless software suddenly decides to make a massive jump in the next year in terms of hardware requirements.
  7. JDW the processor is the AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition. And the reason why this rig is so cheap is because it doesnt come with a graphics card, just the integrated graphics.
  8. Buy it, upgrade the power supply, and put in a new gpu!
  9. why should i upgrade the psu? 750W should be plenty.
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