Powercolor Radeon 6850: Crashing, Artifacts, BSOD's, Etc.

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Well, this is day two of my issues and unfortunately the problem has not gone away. Earlier today my screen flashed green with white horizontal lines and then the screen went black. I could hear game sounds so I knew it was not my computer going out. I went to the back and wiggled the DVI cable and the screen came back momentarily.

I tried swapping out DVI cables to no avail.

Currently (as I'm typing this) my screen has small spasms at random spots on my screen with mini artifacts popping all about. At this point I'm going to assume my 6850 is a defective card--or dying.

I'm going to post this as a hope that may be someone might have some other suggestions before I go out and buy a new card. I thought it might perhaps be the monitor as it's fairly new, (ASUS 24 inch LED-Backlit) but I plugged my old one in and the problem still persists.

Every sign shows to be a GPU issue, but I'm not ironing out other potential issues. For reference, I'm using 8GB 1600MHZ Corsair Vengeance RAM, i7 2600k, ASUS P8-Z68 V LE, Seagate 7200RPM Baracuda 1TB, and a Coolermaster Silent Pro 800W Gold Certified PSU.
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  1. Wow, I somehow messed up and deleted my original thread, oh well here's the gist of it:

    1. Screen flickers for a bit, I see weird horizontal lines across the screen--then the screen is "garbled" upl 1/4 of my screen, so the start menu and a few of the quick nav's on the bottom appears at the FAR RIGHT of my screen and everything else is pushed to the left. if I try to take a print-screen shot of it however, everything looks fine.

    2. I had BCCode 116 and 117 errors--upon Google research, I found this means Video Card Hardware or Software Failure.

    3. Sometimes, wiggling the DVI cable will fix it but most of the time it requires a hard reboot. I've tried switching DVI cables but that did not fix the issue. I do not have another video card lying around unfortunately to test things out.

    4. Currently showing signs of artifacts on my screen. I'm 90% certain it's the Power 6850 that's the issue, but I'm just trying to get some second opinions before I plunge money into a new card.
  2. Its old problem, gpu is probably unsoldered from pcb due to owerheating


    or permanent solution

  3. I have seen many many threads about this chip all with the same problem Bsod and as a tech in training i would like to tell you this if you still have the chip best get rid of it because its not the driver it is the hardware. Ati has messed up this gpu in one way or another because it is getting this problem everywhere With intels amds win7 32/64bit ubuntu everything. Mine is doing the same on games and crashed flash and java a few times so its not you, its just shotty hardware manufacturing. Their is no other explanation because no one,... NO ONE has solved this issue on any of the 6 or 7 forms i have read ether all about the same issue and different systems in but they meet all/most the requirements of this gpu.

    But just a fyi i have the same card just a Sapphire one and that's how i know ati screwed up because its not just Sapphire radon Hd 6850 but xfx, powercolor,Sapphire, etc. Pretty much you and i bought a crap gpu and we will have to deal with it but Ati will never admit that. And all my crap is up to snuff WAY past what it needs.

    And Mine only gets up to 140F so its not like it is melting and mine was bought December now feb and it has always been like this. Well i hope i am lying and theirs just a driver issue but i am 99% certain the card is crap.
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