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GTX 470 Water cooler?

There used to be water blocks for the GTX 470, but I cannot find any currently sold. Can anyone tell me it they know of a water block for the GTX 470 on the market? An alternative would be a good 2 slot aftermarket air cooler.
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  1. Sorry but that is a 3 slot cooler, I already have one on my other GTX 470 and need a two slot solution.
  2. That zalman is apparently pretty good. I am however only able to locate the waterblocks in canada but none in the US...give it a moment someone will be around. Are you in the UK ?
  3. Zalman is a great cooler. I've had it since June and it cools like a charm. But I need a waterblock for a second GTX 470 (in SLI) because of the spacing on the mobo. I am thinking that maybe I pipe in ambient outside air into my case (about 0 to -5 C at this time of year), but that would take some modding and tubing.
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