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i already install lucid virtu i just wondering whre to put my hdmi/dvi cord to my pc

1. in my on-board hdmi/dvi or in my descrete graphic card?

2. or i need two hdmi/dvi cable cord?

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  1. First I assume you mean Z68

    With Virtu, You connect the screen to the onboard card and then when needed the software will effectually make the dedicated card do the work and copy the frame buffer over to the onboard card so you can see the video without swapping cables(there is a slight performance hit).

    It does work fairly well, but some games will not run on it(Just Cause 2 Did not work for me with Virtu).
  2. yes sir, i'm using z68xp-ud3 rev 1.0 gigabyte mb..

    "onboard card" meaning graphic card? sorry sir first time only built a pc..

    sir nukemaster help plsss... i try only to experience the lucid virtu features in z68..

    tnx.. best regards!

    gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud3 rev 1.0 mb
    i5 2500k cpu
    Noctua NH-C12P SE14 cooler
    Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 1600MHz 8GB C9 WHT 1.35V
    sapphire 6870 graphic card
  3. By onboard, I mean the video card port on the motherboard it self. Dedicated is normally the word used for a add on card like your 6870.

    You should install the latest ATI drivers power down, plug onto the motherboard graphics. boot the system, make sure you have the latest Intel graphics drivers and then the latest version of virtu.

    After that, you can test it out and see if virtu is for you or not.

    You may also need to set the Init Display First to "onboard"(and not PCI-E or Auto) in the bios. This should be outlined in the motherboard manual(page 49). Onboard VGA should also be set to "Enable Always". This will prevent the board from switching it off when it sees you 6870 card. Both cards need to be running to get virtu to work.

    If all this goes well, you will boot up and load windows with the onboard(motherboard/cpu) video card. Once in windows you will want to make sure you have the latest Intel drivers and install Virtu.

    If you get to windows and the screen goes blank, swap the screen to the 6870 card. Windows may be there. If that happens, let me know i will try to help you fix that.
  4. Hi hi,

    Since I've had this same MB I have never managed to get Virtu to do what it is supposed to.

    I have installed everything as described, and virtu installs and run ok. If I plug the HDMI cable into the onboard gpu, virtu list all the games that are supported, but when I run any of them I see no Virtu logo and it does not use my dedicated card (HD5750). Running Media Espresso in this mode detects QuickSync.

    If I plug into my dedicated card the list of games goes away leaving media espresso and media converter. All games now use my dedicated card, but media espresso no longer detects QuickSync.

    There are no error messages and I have latest BIOS and drivers installed.

    Have pretty much given up trying to get this to work now. Just wondered if anyone else had any ideas?
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