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Please help with linksys router problem

I would really appreciate anyone's help with my internet problem. My internet was working excellent on both my laptop and desktop computer in the other room; and then just decided to stop working.

1. I connected via network cable my linksys router to my laptop
2. I then set up my wireless security and changed the LAN IP of the linksys router to
3. I then took the router to the room where my desktop computer is and plugged the network cable from the network plug (from my landlord upstairs) to the WAN port
4. I then plugged a second network cable from my desktop computer to one of the four LAN ports.

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    Verify that the problem is with your wireless router, and not the ISP. You can hook up you computer directly to the modem to check. If the internet works, it's your router that's on the fritz.

    To get the internet functioning again, turn off the computer(s) and unplug the modem and router. Wait ten minutes. After ten minutes, plug in the modem and router and fire up the computer. Push the button in the center of the Linksys console (the reset button) 99% of the time this will bring everything back to normal. If it doesn't try it once more before calling Linksys tech support.

    If the internet cuts out everyday, but you can still get it back using the method in step 2, call tech support for your Linksys wireless router. They will walk you through the process of changing your administrator settings via the Linksys url (this is the ip address of the router) Don't change the settings on your own if you don't know what you are doing.

    Another source of Linksys troubleshooting tips can be found on the community forums of the Linksys By Cisco website. Thousands of Linksys users like you can share their problems and solutions for common wireless router glitches.

    One thing that may reduce the frequency of outages is to plug your linksys wireless router into a surge protector. Linksys devices are sensitive to power surges and your device may malfunction more in bad weather.

  2. Thank you very much for your response instanthelp. I unplugged the router, reset it and followed the procedures I did in the past and it worked again. It seems like perhaps my router just failed for some reason (it is an older model). I suppose if it happens again, I will get a new one. I have saved your instructions for any future problems. Thank you again.
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