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My computer came stock with an onboard geforce 6150 SE car. I know it is terrible and need an affordable upgrade. My question is are radeon cards compatible with my HP system? I heard the radeon drivers can mess with the nividia ones but im not sure on it. money isnt to big of an issue but if you guys have some good suggestions for cards id be open to anything. the model of my computer is FK562AA-ABA a6614f, 6gb of ram, phenom x4 processor, and just bought a 750w corsair PSU. so just need a new card to upgrade and i can start playing swtor
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  1. M2N68-LA is the motherboard, anyone have any suggestions? or know if a radeon card would work in here, if i am able to deactivate the integrated nvidia card?
  2. It will work fine. Uninstall the nvidia drivers, install the new card, might need to change a setting in bios to set default card, install amd drivers.
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