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The ISP provides two options for that enables VPN connection between my office and branch office:
1. 4 Mbps connection, Dynamic Public IP
2. Dedicated Leased Line

The dedicated leased line cost twice of 4 Mbps connection ($700 to $400 permonth), it's expensive so we are more into 4 Mbps. My question is:
"Does Dynamic Public IP will give trouble in setting up IP? Like always changing setup for VPN each period IP changes?"

My office wants to easy, simpler, long-period use of VPN without much hassle, so if I must often change the setting, it will be very painful to the office.
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  1. I mean, during VPN setup, we configure VPN server's IP. Does this VPN server IP will change over time? so that VPN clients will have to reconfigure its VPN destination server IP?
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    When you set up VPN's don't use IP numbers, use URL names and use a free DDNS service like THIS one to automatically keep things going when your IP addresses change. If you pay $15 a year, it works even better. Set up your routers to use the DDNS service.

  3. You can always use a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service to track your dynamic public IP. Just use one of the many services available (DynDNS, NO-IP, etc.). You either install a client application behind your network, or some routers include the client in their firmware, to update a domain name of your choosing every time the public IP changes. So a dynamic IP doesn't have to be a problem.
  4. Thanks alot! That answers my question. Both answers are equally good. Kind of difficult who to give Best Answer for. I appreciate both of you guys. Thanks again.
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