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I recently upgraded my GPU to play SWTOR w/o lag, but yesterday when I played for the 1st time, I noticed some major FPS drops.

My pc:

. i5 750
. Asus p7p55d-pro
. Nvidia GTX 580
. 4GB 1600 Corsair Vengeance
. Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W

Usually I was getting 70+ FPS, but sometimes it drops do 20-30, specially in BGs.
Any ideas? I set the nvidia driver (most recent) to full performance, and in game I put most stuffs on low (like shade etc) except Character detail (high) and Texture (High).

I'm w/o ideas about what to do. I doubt the this game will require an GTX 580 SLI to run in max w/o lag... so I must be doing something wrong.

BTW: I play at 1920x1080!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Well,TOR is a new game,so probably Nvidia will soon release a driver for it.
  2. Thanks ;) Pretty happy to be here. What intrigues me is that a few friends run it in a GTX 570 and according to them, this FPS drops dont happen! Thats y I thought it could be my fault or something!
  3. hmm,that's odd.
    How's the performance in other games ?
  4. Hi dude,

    This is most likely a CPU bottleneck or issue. Though I haven't played SWs yet I've been playing wow for 5 years. In large raids and battlegrounds my frames can drop to 20 from 80 outside raids, I use a 5870 and a 920 OC to 3.8 GHz.

    Make sure there's nothing running in the background that's using a lot of CPU power. Unless your GPU is faulty (which I doubt though you could test it in a graphics intensive game like crysis 2) this is not a GPU problem but something else.
  5. Oh and with regards to your graphics settings, that card can max that game out easily, you shouldn't have anything on low.

    Even the 570 GTX can get a min fps of 60 at 1920 x 1080 ( no AA ) at high settings.

  6. Ill check my CPU! Maybe upgrade to i7 2600k or something...
    As I said, im getting 90+ fps, except in bgs and in some areas so I dont think my GPU is faulty. I googled a bit and theres tons of posts with the same problem, so I'm not alone hehehe!
  7. Ok well another possibility is that there's a bug in the game and it may get patched, I wouldn't invest in a full new system just yet if everything else is running ok!
  8. Thats my hope...but still strange the fact that this problem dont happen in my friend 570. /cry
  9. Well, just checked your system (even the PSU 12v rail wattage to check underpowered VGA). And there is only two explanations:

    1- Game not optimized for GTX 580 (I know, it's weird, but it could be some driver problem related only to GTX 580)
    2- CPU underpowered, when gathering a lot of people in screen, it requires a lot of CPU.. this could be the problem! (refer to joedjnpc posts)
  10. Check which CPU ur friend is using (the one that have the GTX 570)
  11. he has an i7 920, 750w psu and 4gb ddr like me!
  12. I have an i5-750 OC'ed to 3.2 GHz, 8 GB DDR-1600, and a gtx 470. I am running SWTOR on maxed setting with the most recent beta drivers from NVIDIA and I have yet to notice anything bad with the fps (I don't monitor them because I know if I see that I'm getting below 60 I will try and fix it, but if I just play it I don't notice any lag)
  13. What speed do you have your CPU running at?

    4GB RAM is actually bottom line for SWTOR also depending on if you have a web browser etc running at the same time. On high settings it can easily use well over 2GB, and if you have a few other things open you can be pushing 4GB with windows. That will start forcing things over the swap file, which can create lag spikes.

    If you have room to add 4GB more I'd do so first thing. Hell, even if you have to remove your old RAM, you can get 8GB for $40, $30 on a good sale.

    I just built a new system for SWTOR, and I actually put 16GB in it (2500k @4.2, 560ti), and I am very happy I didn't listen to everyone saying I had too much RAM. (I semi-seriously considered 8GB sticks so I could go to 32GB down the road) I actually made a 4GB RAMdrive to put the page file on, & that plus having SWTOR on a SSD makes it completely fly.
  14. I run my i5 750 at default settings (totally noob to OC stuffs), and while im plalying the only thing that remains open is Skype.

    The only explanation is CPU bottleneck...most reviews that i read told the swtor dont requires much CPU but...i dont know what else could be. If the problem was my GPU i wouldnt be able to play at max 80+ in most areas (I guess).
  15. I ran the thanksgiving weekend beta on a core2 duo though and had no major issues (just lots slower zoning) so your i5 750 should be plenty. RAM (that system had 4gb) was the only real issue I noticed with it, having to use the swap file quite a bit.

    An overclock to 3.2 or so would be very easy to do if you want to eliminate the CPU as a problem, but I really think it's RAM. What does your CPU use look like in game? In my new system it hardly goes over 50% (only when loading a new area really if I'm flying though it quickly on 1 of the automated speeders)
  16. I have to install the program to check my cpu/mem usage while in game.
    What do I have to do to OC my CPU? I think ill buy more 4gb then... Is there a problem to use 2x2g + 2x4g?
  17. It's not a problem to add RAM in that way, but it will run at the slowest of the two sets of RAM, also for compatability sake try get the same brand
  18. Im stupid. Im using 8gb not 4gb as I said. 2x4gb corsair 1600. My previous setup was 4gb so i messed up.

    Now i'm lost again...geez :(
  19. As I asked before,how's the FPS in other games ?(name the games you tested)
  20. I didnt test any other game besides this...my HD is empty atm! Is there any kinda of program to test my GPU? Like performance meter or something like this?
  21. 3Dmark/Unigine are good but real gaming tests will give you more accurate results
  22. @startingbidss: check which driver version your friend with the GTX 570 is using. Might be a bug in the most recent driver.
  23. My friend uses the same driver that im using =/
  24. 3dmark vantage scored 19711 and said that my pc was normal or something like this. Tried to OC my processor and DDR following this guide <http://www.legionhardware.com/articles_pages/intel_core_i5_750_overclocking_guide,1.html> and guess what....BSOD!
  25. Swtor has a memory leak atm, it should be patched. running swtor on max graphics. i am experiencing fps drops over 30 mins of play...i start at 110fps and over that 30 mins it drops to around 35-40fps. basically it's lazy programming. the memory is consumed whilst you play just like in any other game but in swtor they have not coded it right to consume memory and then release it back to the os...so you end up with all your ram used continually. it's a quick fix if they ever get around to implementing it...as for the people who dont have the problem, i am very jealous :P

    cpu - intel i7 3.06
    ram - 24gb kingston blue
    psu - 850w CiT
    sli - 2x nvidia gts450
    motherboard - intel Dx580g
  26. I have a GTX 580 normally I experience extremely smooth gameplay in swtor between 80-110fps, however occasionally I get significant spikes in performance, looking in msi afterburner my GPU usage drops sharply 0%-10% when this occurs, normal operation in swtor is a consistent 98% usage rate.

    Reinstalling the nvidia drivers will clear it until it starts up again several days later, its really annoying me im getting into the habit now of installing nvidia drivers every-time I turn my machine on.


    Forgot to mention this is at max graphics settings with AA and shadow set to high 1920x1080 res, when the spikes occurs I have tried setting the graphics to the lowest setting with no change frame rate drop still occur regardless of settings.
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