Where exactly do the reset,power, and harddrive connectors go?

im installing a new case for my Hp Pavilion p6823w and im not really sure where the reset, power, and harddrive connectors go...
im afraid ill insert them in the wrong prongs and ill do some serious damage... i really dont wanna break this... :/

this is my motherboard, its a N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix)

and after doing some research i found that im suppose to plug them in J18?

and after doing some more research, i found someone with a HP motherboard with J18 too.

after seeing that i figured i could follow that little diagram at the bottom of the link above..

so can anyone help me or give me some advise? This is my first time installing a new case.
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    Use the last illustration. Front panel wires are labeled and color-coded - white is usually GND (-). Your case may have different abbreviations and wiring. You need to install the PWRSW and RESET. If you want to see the HDD activity LED, install the HD-LED; the same for PW-LED, which indicates that the HDD(s) have power - they are actually powered through the 20/24-pin PSU wiring harness.
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