Acer X223W forgets set up on start up

My Acer X223W forgets set up on start up. Each time I turn it on I have to re-adjust the horizontal position and size. Do these rely on a battery to keep memory, if so how do I replace it?
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  1. No, they don't rely on a battery to keep the position remembered. What you need to do is either get in touch with their service center or then send it back for a replacement stating your problem.
  2. Thanks, it is probably out of warranty now which is why I thought maybe a flat battery was the problem.
  3. Nah, those flat batteries are on the Mobo, not in the monitor. You can always show it to a technician... it's not going to cost you that much and he'll probably just replace a circuit in the Monitor.... I had that done with my ViewSonics.... All 5 of them, even though they didn't have any problems, just the power buttons....
  4. Thanks, hoped there might be a cheap fix. Tech charges usually start at £50, I can dump it and buy a brand new monitor for £100 with warranty etc. So much for reducing our carbon footprint!!
  5. UK? Hell's I need to come down there and just start a shack for all these guys for free............
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