ATI Sapphire 5850 Fan extremely loud for no reason - High temp

Hello, ran into a problem this morning (great time of the week for problems to start!) in which my ATI Sapphire 5850 started making an extremely loud noise with the fan.

The card is not overclocked or "overdrived" and was left as it was when delivered. Despite how loud the fan sounds (which sounds like it does when the fan is on 100% not like its catching on anything) when I go to the catalyst control centre it says the fan is at 27% so definitely shouldn't be that loud. It does however note the continuing rise of the GPU temp up to 77 degrees when I shut down.

I have taken it out and cleaned it as best I could when still all in one piece and replaced it but the same happened again it just took a minute or two longer.

I do not have a screwdriver that can get the last few screws off so is it a problem that could be fixed by a good clean as my pc is pretty dusty or it is not worth my time trying? I am out of warranty anyway so there is no issue there.

Any advice appreciated as I found it a nightmare trying to find any information on this issue.
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  1. Thanks for the advice Recon-UK, not sure why I haven't already tried it (it is Monday morning :P). Just to check though should I keep the card out of the PC the whole time of uninstalling and reinstalling as it goes up in temp very fast?
  2. Unfortunately that has not solved the problem. It is very strange, started for no reason at all and is just going like crazy down there. I am not sure if the gpu actually is getting hot and thats why the fan is going nuts or for some reason the fan thinks the gpu is hot so is trying to cool it. Added confusion is the CCC doesnt think the fan is going much, perhaps it isnt and is just catching on something after all. Will buy a screwdriver to see if I can get inside and have a poke about, followed by a reformatting and if that doesnt work, new GPU it is unless anyone gets any bright ideas?
  3. My HIS 5870 started squealing like a stuck pig about 6 months into ownership. The fan bearings on the reference card apparently didn't appreciate me keeping the fan at 60% fulltime. Personally I wouldn't poke around the card with a screwdriver. First and foremost it's a safety issue, if you somehow manage to catch a capacitor you'll wish you hadn't. Second, that type of visual damage could void your warranty.

    Your best bet is to just RMA it.
  4. Cheers buddy however like I said it is no longer under warranty and no receipt/invoice etc so I can longer RMA it can I? If not then I don't have a lot to lose to go poking around - but in all honesty all I mean is to open it up and clear out dust etc.
  5. Well You could just put it back in and download speedfan (freeware) and change the gpu fan speed to 27% (thats what mines set to) and look at the speed fan temperatures instead of the amd ones. Links at the bottom
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