Used AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8Ghz processor $80.00

Ok well im on a tight budget... but im trying to upgrade my mobo/cpu (got 3x2gb of cosair ram w/ video card for free)

Would a sed AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8Ghz processor for $80.00 be good deal?

Whats the thought of it? would it get me through the next 3-4 years?
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  1. I would't buy any processor used. First of all you don't know if it even works and secondly you don't know how much it's been abused. What if the person you buy it from tried to overclock it way past it's limit? What if they overlocked it with out good cooling? All these things could be a abuse that causes the CPU to either not work or shortedn it's life span.
  2. $80 is a good deal since it is less than 50% the price of a new retail version. Will it will last you 3 or 4 years, that depends on what you do and what your expectations are.

    Here's how it competes against my Core 2 Quad Q9450.

    As you can see it performs better in video encoding, 3D rendering, and a few general apps. Sometime by very little and in a few times by a pretty decent amount especially in video encoding.

    However, when the resolution is increased to 1920x1080 or higher any performance advantage the Q9450 may have will disappear since the graphic card will be the limiting factor.
  3. well currently i have a athlon x2 6400+ black edition.

    I just picked up a gtx 285 for diablo 3. Gameplay is smoother but chokes up during intense battles. IM guessing its the cpu bottlenecking.
  4. I've read that even though you are playing a single player game in Diablo 3, lag can be caused by the servers. Therefore I'm not sure if you are actually suffering from a CPU bottleneck or server lag.

    You are not the only person suffering from single play lag.
  5. yes that is a great, and in terms of getting through the next 3-4 years in depends, do you game? or is it just business work. im guessing you are a gamer because you wouldn't be getting a processor like that. it will do its part as a processor but only if you have a good enough graphics card. if you tell me which graphics card you have i can tell you if your good. if i wrote all that and your not a gamer and this is just for school or work, i would advise you to get the cheapest processor you can find that is around 2.0 ghz
  6. i am a casual gamer.....

    I dont play all day every day... Computer will be used as a gamer/college work.

    currently have a GTX285, i plan on upgrading to better but my motherboard cannot handle the newer GPU, believe me i tried.

    I wanted to play bf3 when it came out but my computer lacked. Only been playing diablo 3 which isnt a resource hog compared to bf3 or skyrim
  7. friend also gave me his cosair ddr3 1600 ram 3x2gb for free since he upgraded

    cant realy use it atm since my motherboard is ddr2 ram only
  8. I would stay away from AMD!
  9. xxm4ch1nexx said:
    I would stay away from AMD!

    Go back to sneaking your mom's Victoria Secret catalogs.

    I would be very weary about buying a used CPU. I'm with RDS on this one.
  10. are you using am3/am3+ socket or am2?

    keep in mind, in my opinion, i'd rather go for a quad core black edition rather than a phenom 6core regular edition.

    as for gaming, 4 core is all you need rather than 6 cores. modern games they don't utilize 6 cores just yet. so you should go with 4 cores that have higher speed than 6 cores with lower speed.

    i'd chose AMD Phenom x4 965 black edition AM3 CPU over the amd phenom x6 1055t
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