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Hi, i just went through the troubleshooting steps and i have come to the conclusion i cannot fix the problem myself. I completed a new build yesterday, and have played it, rebooted it, updated drivers. the whole nine yards. When i wake up this morning i play some more, this is when i noticed one of my side panel fans wasnt working, nor were my usb headers, since this was my first build i attributed it to my noobish wiring and that i would have to take a peak. I turned everything off, and cracked open the case, the wires for the USB were simply in the wrong header, but my fans were plugged in fine, i switched the wires since 1 of the twin fans was working, just to see if it might be bad wiring or a doa fan. Once i attempted to repower my computer, i simply get a clicking sound, the fans start to spin and then immediately die. I am very upset, i put alot of hard work and research into this and would like to fix this as soon as possible. PS the clicking noise is coming from the power supply which is what i suspect is the issue. here is the link to the psu.


i5 2500k
gtx 560 ti twin frozr
8gb of ballistix ram
asrock extreme3 gen3mobo


cooler master hyper 212
nzxt phantom case
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  1. update: it will only attempt to boot when i hit the reset cmos button, not the power button on the exterior or the power button on the motherboard
  2. Update again: just breadboarded the build and it booted right up, not sure what that means, but ill try placing it back in the case and hooking everything up, see if that works
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    try without USB header and Fan then add one at a time.
  4. Serberrus said:
    ...the wires for the USB were simply in the wrong header....

    Can you clarify this? Which USB connector and which header did you plug it into?
  5. Sorry guys I got called into work, I added the fan and the USB header and it now works, but the fan is still dead so I'll tinker with it a bit more before I email nzxt for a new one. As far as the USB headers go I'll have to get home and look, I'll update when I do, I have it plugged in but as far as i can tell the ports are still dead
  6. I'm sorry for the super long time it took to finalize this thread. My mistakes were simple, after reseating all my stuff in my computer, I got it running again albeit with the dead USBs and one fan, after a day I got brave and switched the 2 cords and both fans now work with the led working. NZXT stickers don't specify which side fan the cord should go to. And for the USB header... I plugged it in upside down xD. There is also a usb3.0 which is odd since newegg and the box it shipped in says only usb2.0. Anyways thanks for the replies!
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