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I just got cable. I downloaded a 75 meg file from a popular s/w site - it took about 35 minutes and indicated the download speed wa 37 KB/sec - is that normal for Cable?
When I was using ISDN, my download speed from the same site was 9 KB/sec. Last year I was visiting out of town and they had a wireless connection and it seemed like downloading was noticebly faster than even this cable - I am looking for personal experiences out there with Cable and other high speed connections (how many KB/SEC when using a popular website such as planetmirror ( - littleberry
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  1. Sounds slow to me. Go to to see and compare speeds.

    peace be with you
  2. 4 the heck of it I went and tested. 2005-07-17 10:14:40 EST: 1435 / 369
    Your download speed : 1470032 bps, or 1435 kbps.
    A 179.4 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 377903 bps, or 369 kbps.
    That is with DSL, which is slower then cable, so you need to look into why you are so slow. Y ou shjould be past the 1mbit barrier. Another way to monitor you connection is to learn sys monitor, or in xp pro, performance monitor. It will give you more data about what your PC is doing then you will no what to do with. It gives bandwidth in bits.
    Keep in mind that even though a PC is benchmarking at a certain speed, it may not get that speed at all web sites.
    hope this helped

    peace be with you
  3. What speed is your Cable rated at?
    Cable comes in MANY different flavors. It sounds like you have a lower end cable connection, probably around a 256-384kilobit connection.
    I've got a 3megabit DSL connection which allows for download speeds up to approx 384kilobytes/s.

    Connection speeds are rated in bits (kilobit, megabit, etc). Divide that number by 8 to get your theretical max download speed.

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  4. Depends on what connection you're paying for.

    You can use simple performance tests like on <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> which will just give you a basic graph to let you know if something is wrong, or <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> which has a good test at the bottom of the webpage.

    I prefer to download things from Microsoft to really see how my download works though. Using Microsoft you know your download isn't getting effected by other people downlaoding as much as other sites.

    I have 3.5mbit and normally maintain a low 400kb/sec download. I pay roughtly 30 dollars a month for it right now through a local company. That should give you something to base your answer off.
  5. My ap[ology, they are correct, you may be getting what you are paying for.
    Bad habit, assuming.

    peace be with you
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