Zotac gtx580 3gb ...good/bad worth it 3gb?

Hi folks... I have a question for you experts.

I bought a Zotac GTX 580 3gb ddr5 (50103) at Frys for about $484 plus tax..so about $525 out the door. I saw it was discounted and just went ahead and bought one. Not sure if I need this 3gb version for my rig and wondering if the cost of this card is worth it over maybe a 1.5 gb version or even the gtx 570. Will be my home multitasking machine. Playing bf3 on 24'' monitor and want highest settings. Can i do this on a gtx 570 for a couple hundred less? Or even regular gtx 580? What performance gain is there for 3gb model?


My Rig
i5 2500k
msi z68-gd65
corsair ddr3 16gb mem
crucial m4 120 gb hd
corsair ax750w gold psu

Plain 24in older dell monitor- plan to upgrade to nicer 24' monitor or 27'
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  1. I am also thinking the new amd cards to be out anytime now so it might be dumb to pay top dollar for this card.
    I see that the 580 3gb vs 1.5 gb is not much different. But i paid $484+tax, which is about regular 1.5gb pricing right now. So it looks like that is ok I guess.
  2. i recommend you to get 3gb it's much better than 1.5gb version now games are requiring higher vRAMs.
  3. Even though the new games requiring higher Vram is just about to reach 1GB so unless you are going to use resolutions over 1920 x 1200 then the 3GB of Vram would be needed. If not high resolution then it is a waste of money. I wish you good luck
  4. For that price i think you did great , 3 GB of vram will come handy in the future as some games already like BF3/Metro maxed out use around 1.5 vram at high res.
    If you already have the card keep it , especially if you got it for the same price as a 1.5Gb. The 580 is an excellent card , keep it and enjoy!
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