Router effecting net speed

hello ppl...
i need some help...
the problem is .." i have a normal router placed in the dining area and i browse the internet in my room....the distance between my room and the router is around 10 to 15 feet. roughly 5 mts...and there are two walls in between them.
my net speed is 512kbps at max..
does this positioning have a bad effect on the browsing speed that i get.i have a normal router and will upgrading the router help.
can anybody briefly describe what are the pros and cons involved and if it does, how and why and how much effect will upgrading my router have.
i am getting my connection upgraded to 2mbps and it should be done by tomorrow but i still want to know how this entire thing works..

thanks a lot..
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  1. How can we provide any feedback on your situation if we don't know what kind of router you currently have (brand? model? protocol? B? G? N? Frequency? 2.4GHz? 5GHz?), or what you intend to replace it with?
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