2 XFX5770s crashing after new drivers

i installed the new catalyst drivers for my 2 5770s xfx radion hd) and as soon as i rebooted the screen went fucky and then it blue screened and crashed. as soon as it starts back up it will blue screen and crash then restart and doit again, within less than a second of windows booting up. it does the sam thing in safe mode. i ended up reformatting and reinstalling windows and starting from scratch and as soon as i installed the drivers it did the exact same thing what should i do. or is my only option to not install the catalyst controller? thanks
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  1. Did you tried to start Windows with one card at time?

    Maybe one of them is problematic when activating drivers.
  2. Uninstall the drivers, use driver sweeper to remove any lingering settings, install the new drivers, then enable CF.
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