Should PSU fan face the motherboard?

I have case where the PSU is mounted at the bottom. There is a vent below where the PSU is mounted.

I looked in the manual for the Seasonic X-650, and it states that

"Depending on the type of computer case ... the power supply fan should face the mainboard. This does not apply to all types of cases."

Well, should the fan face the motherboard or not in bottom mounted PSU?
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    If there's a vent on the bottom of the case (like it sounds like there is), it should be mounted with the fan facing down. What it's talking about is for top mounting.
  2. The case is a Lian Li PC-9F. The bottom vent has dust screen too.

    Can all PSUs be flipped over (i.e. the mounting screws allow for this)?
  3. Should, yes.
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