Hello guys! :D This is my very first time buying a processor and I really need a lot of help! My goal in buying this processor is to be able to stream any game on ULTRA settings on 1080! So I really need a good one! :P My budget is about $557 to $657 and it needs to include the CPU, motherboard, and installation. Thanks in advanced for taking your time to help me!

My current setup is a AMD Phenom II x4 955 with a GTX 470 graphics card. I have 8 Gigs of RAM and a sexy black case! I was thinking of getting a i7 2700k or i7 2600k! Which motherboard should I get? Which processor should I get? What do the "K"s and "S"s mean at the end of the processor's number? Thanks again for your help and please give me any information that can help me buy the best processor for my goals! :D

I am very worried that my GPU would be a better thing to upgrade for more performance than my CPU, could that be a possibility? Should I upgrade my GPU over CPU?
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  1. K means it has an unlocked core multiplier for easier overclocking. S is a low wattage version of the chip and usually a bit slower.

    Since gaming is mainly about the graphics card, I always favor upgrading that area first (assuming you have at least an adequate processor). Your Phenom II X4 955, while outdated, is an adequate processor. And it can be easily overclocked by simply leaving the voltage on auto in BIOS and upping the core multiplier 1 click at a time until you see it behaving unstable. Then back off. The fastest card you can buy will always be slightly 'bottle-necked' by the CPU, but it's not a big deal if you want fast frame rates for the least amount of money.
  2. If I upgrade my graphics card, will it help with streaming?
  3. bwinthehouse said:
    If I upgrade my graphics card, will it help with streaming?

    Probably not. The GPU doesn't really have much to do with streaming, in and of itself, but if the GPU is underpowered, it'll still struggle at times (but no worse than when you're not streaming). That's not the case with a 470, though. The CPU is much more important for streaming.
  4. Thanks so maybe I should upgrade the CPU then.... =/
  5. Is the 955 not cutting it for streaming? I'd think it would be pretty good for that. Just may need to OC it a bit.
  6. If not, a 2500K/3570K and a good Z77 mobo would be the way to go. No need for an i7 for streaming.
  7. This will do nicely if you really want to upgrade.

    3570K $239.99

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 $124.99

    Total: $364.98
  8. One other thing. You may want to clean your existing system of resource wasting crap and registry errors to help improve the processor's capabilities. I use CCleaner regularly. Do the Clean and Registry both. You may have to run the Registry cleaner more than once to have it quit finding errors.
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