Reseat my Hyper 212 Evo?

Hey guys, I've been playin around with my CPU fans and wondered if I should reseat my heat sink. I'm running a 2500k @ 4.53 in a storm scout, and a hyper 212 evo push/pull with stock fans to cool it. Running IBT on "Very High" I'm seeing temps around 80C, Max heat testing on Prime95 around 68C on HWMonitor. If this seems normal I'll leave it but to be honest I could have done a better job installing it in the first place and I'd love for those temps to go down a bit and wanted to hear some opinions.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re seat and if that does not help reduce the overclock a tad!
  2. Went ahead and reseated it this morning, temps are just from my ambient increases. I'll tone the OC back until winter :)
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