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Upgrading ATI Radeon HD 5570 to AMD Radeon HD 6670


I want to upgrade my video card so I can play with less lag on Battlefield 3. I currently have a HP Pavilion p6670t desktop with 1GB ATI 5570 graphic card which I bought earlier this year. On BF3 I use low settings and 1280x720 resolution. I get about 35-45 fps on the regular maps but it drops to 30 or less fps on the B2K maps. I don't mind the low settings+resolution but I want to be able to play on the B2K maps with less fps lag.

Some websites says that I need at least 400W or greater for the AMD 6670 video card. My question is can I upgrade from 5570 to an AMD HD 6670 graphic card without any problems? My PSU is only 300W. (Lite-On PS-5301-08HA. With 19A on the +12V, 25A on +5V and 18A on +3.3V)

Also, I read that the 6670 doesn't require an external power. What does this mean and how does it relate to the PSU?

And can someone please explain how to replace the PSU if it's possible on this desktop? Thanks.

HP Pavilion p6670t desktop:

MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E) motherboard:

AMD 6670:
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    AMD says the 6670 requires a400W psu or more. If you had a high quality 350 watt psu then you could try but with a 300W I wouldn't try.

    When it says it doesn't req. external power it means you don't have to plug in an extra power cable to power it. Higher spec cards require additional power because the pci-e bus doesn't provide enough.

    HP only has a 300w or 350w power supply for your model.

    You may be able to buy a standard psu but you'll have to get your measuring tape and get inside your case and see if there is enough room to shove one in (also check the screw hole positions/distances). HP psus are a little lower profile.

    Here are the psu dimensions

    ATX: 150 x 86 x 140 (w x h x d)

    HP: 147 x 84 x 140 (w x h x d)

    HP 350w psu:

    On how to remove your psu:

    If you really needed to ugprade and you don't care about warranty then you can put a hole in your case and mount the new psu outside or you can screw it to the back of your case or you can get someone with modding skills to modify the new psu so it fits.
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