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EVGA GTX 580 3gbs fan speed

Hey, I have a small question, is it safe if i keep my Vid card fan speeds of 67% 24/7? It keeps my card idle at 37C and full load does not go past 65C(Stock settings), my system is air cooled, and I have not installed 3 more 140mm Fans I have, since I'm waiting for a new PSU to overclock the card.
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  1. Is it 100% safe, no. Is it the best idea, no. Automatic fan speed control is probably the best bet and safest for that large of an investment (GTX580). If you are worried about noise you can get an aftermarket cooler that will be near silent and cool a lot better.
  2. Ok, I just enabled software automatic fan control on EVGA precision to see how it does...30-45C at 40%, 50-59C at 50%, 60-64C at 60%. 65-69C to 65%, 70-79C at 70% fan speed and so on, is it safe like that, and which aftermarket cooler would you reccomend for the card? Thanks
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    Yes, it is safe like that. Most of the video cards will get close to 100C before they start down clocking themselves and that is when it gets dangerous.

    I would suggest an Arctic Cooling heat sink. I have used them on numerous different video cards and they usually drop temps by 20-35C from the stock coolers. With their Tri-fan setup they normally are very hard to hear at all.

    Make sure you get the right VRM heat sink set for your video card too if needed.
  4. Ok, thanks, that looks like a nice cooler, kinda like the GIGABYTE one, I'll check my temps after I intall the other fans, if they stay too high I will try to purchase one of those coolers.
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