GTX 580 or Wait for AMD 7970?

Hey Guy's,

After much debating, comparisons and many nights reading old discussions on the same subject matter, I was literally going to buy a GTX 580 to replace my current 5870. However, I have since read that the AMD 7970 is due in January and if the specs and small talk are to be believed, this thing will potentially be as powerful as that of a 6990?! Has anyone heard this too?

Would making the jump from the 5870 to the GTX 580 be a wise one? Or would you wait and see what January brings? I assume also that if this is going to be the beast it's meant to be, that my 800w BFG PSU may struggle or simply not be powerful enough to run this card, and the price will be catastrophic too LOL!?

Many thanks!!

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  1. just wait for beast.
  2. its just a month, wait it out and make an informed decision, the speculated price is $700, an 800 watt brand named PSU (like BFG) should be more than sufficient
  3. I'm in the exactly same position, I have a 5870 and decided to wait for the 7970, even if the card underperforms the 580 GTX will likely drop in price, best to wait :), hope it's beast!
  4. Hey Guy's,

    I take your advice and wait it out. Like xaira said, it is only a month, and I will wait and see the varuious benchmarks etc, which are bound to be against the 580 as well as many others!!

    Thank's to you all for helping me make my mind up!!

  5. Awww Sadly I want a 5870 over my 5770. I play at 1920x1080 and it upsets me to hear of all these 5870/5850/470's being retired since they have so much game left in them.

    But after a seeing the first launch stats of the 7970/50 it looks like the wait is worth it over a 580 which is in no way a slouch.
  6. Hey spentshells,

    I find that the GPU is ALWAYS the hardest aspect of your rig to upgrade!! I may be stating the obvious here but you never truly know what to believe, and I appreciate what your saying regarding the "retiring" as there is and has not been any significant slowdown regarding this card, in more or less any game I have thrown at it.

    I am going to show some restraint for a change though and wait for at least some official benchmark results to be posted somewhere before I finally make a decision. I have also read that the launch date has been brought forwards to the 22nd of December?! But I doubt that's true, as most of the sites I have read any info on are saying next January.

  7. Hey,

    I have just found this link to a set of comarisons between the two cards!?

    I assume it's all crap though!!
  8. they might be amd in house slides whicj\h should be taken with a grain of salt if they are legit, we all remember amd in house slides for bulldozer
  9. i run my gtx580 with a 550W psu

    no problem whatsoever.. I do OC both my I5 and my gigabyte gtx580

    i5 > 1,37V
    gtx580 > 1,1V

    and my UPS still show less then 400W usage while stressing it
    obviously you need a PCF Active PSU with at least Bronce Certification but 800W are way more then you need
  10. joedjnpc said:
    I'm in the exactly same position, I have a 5870 and decided to wait for the 7970, even if the card underperforms the 580 GTX will likely drop in price, best to wait :), hope it's beast!

    Hey joedjnpc,

    Did you take the plunge and buy a 7970? I installed mine last Friday and it's epic!! I am totally glad I waited for this, as the jump from my 5870 is immense, and it's very cool and quiet too!! I have yet to try and overclock, but I am not very experienced and a bit worried I may damage the card?!

    But overall, am EXTREMELY impressed, even though it's only the Sapphire reference version!!

    I hope you managed to get one and your equally impressed!?
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