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2nd Gen I7 vs 3rd gen ivy bridge

I dont see any reason to go for the third gen in terms of real world performance. I dont give a rats a** about heat or power usage, my power supply and liquid cooling will more than compensate for anything like that.
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  1. um, good for you?
  2. .....

    The question is, is it worth it to go for the 3rd gen or is it only a power and die kinda of deal with no real world gains?
  3. now that's actually in the form of a question.

    If you don't have a Sandybridge already it is worth it to go to Ivybridge. If you already have a Sandybridge then probably not. There are a couple of new architectural improvements, new RAND instructions and a new IGP but that's about it
  4. i would only get ivy bridge if you are going to get a z77 mobo, other wise it would be fairly redundant IMO. i have a i5 3570k sitting on my shelf waiting for the full ROG ATX motherboards to be released.
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    This question would easily be answered by reading one of the many reviews. They all address this question directly actually. Or were you just trying to start an argument?
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