Is this modem any good?

I have a Motorola 5100e SURFboard cable modem.
Here are the specs:
My question is: is this modem any good for gaming? Because I'm thinking about buying Black Ops and I want to be sure that the modem would be enough.
I would appreciate any answers.
Oh and my internet speed is 25/10 Mbps
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  1. Modems, as long as they can support the maximum data rates provided by your ISP, are rarely the problem. At least, that's not where I hear the majority of complaints. The complaints usually start when you introduce a router, and worse, wireless over that same router, since these always increase latency to some degree, some worse than others.

    Since you already have the modem, just try it. The specs are sufficient for your ISP. And ultimately, the modem has to satisfy YOU, regardless of what anyone else has to say, good or bad.
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