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HIS X1650 Dualink DVI 256MB 128bit DDR2

I was given a graphics card to put in a PC I am using and I need to find out some info on it so I can get drivers for WInXP. The only thing on the card is "HIS X1650 Dualink DVI 256MB 128bit DDR2". WinXP will start but only in a basic video mode and the graphics properties says no drivers are installed. Any info on chipset it is using or where to turn for more info woud be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Hmm, that's an odd one. I assume it's an ATI X1650, a very old card. You'll need legacy drivers for that.
    Luckily a quick google search brought me to the right place. Here you are sir!
  2. WOW, that is just what I needed. I got the info and legacy software, installed the correct drivers and WinXP seems to be happy now. Thank you so very much.
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    No problem! Google can work wonders. If it's not to much hassle select me as best answer to let the other members know we've solved your problem.
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